“My most recent collaboration with Mark was for ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ at Manatee Players. As composer he created a theme for the show that served to immerse both actors and audience in Anne’s world from the very first notes. Mark’s larger theme was extended to underscore diary readings and he also provided transitional music between scenes. This gave the story poignancy and a strong cohesive structure at the same time.”
Kathy Pingel, Director, AACT Adjudicator and AACT Education Committee

“I have worked with Mark Toebben on several productions. He is a great collaborator. He has a real knack for understanding how music can underscore, intensify, and supplement mood in a play. After our initial discussion he sends concept samples, which we discuss further, and then this incredible flow of creativity begins. It hits every mark, supporting the dramatic intent of the production perfectly.”
John Viars, Artistic Director Emeritus Des Moines Playhouse, AACT Past President

“I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with Mark on several projects and his design and compositions always support the world of the play and the work of the company. Whether it’s Middle Earth, fair Verona, or a little house on the prairie, Mark’s music transports the audience into the world of the play and refuses to let them go until the curtain falls. Perhaps more importantly, his collaboration continues to inspire the rest of the design team, elevating the work of all involved. Many cast members request copies of his music so they can revisit the world as they wish.”
David VanCleave, Artistic Director Des Moines Young Artists’ Theatre

“Mark composed music and created sound for a production of The Hobbit that I co-directed for Des Moines Young Artists Theatre. His compositions were perfect for the story and illuminated it beyond a mere re-telling, capturing the emotion and “feel” of each moment perfectly. Moreover, Mark created an intricate sound plot that provided rich texture and depth. He was truly a full member of the artistic team, and proved himself an intelligent, talented, capable and intuitive artist.”
Ron Ziegler, Director, AACT Festival Coordinator and AACT Past President

“One of my favorite technical elements of the show was the music composed by Mark Toebben. There was a familiarity to the music he composed that I couldn’t quite place from the beginning of the show. Part way through Act 1 I realized the reason it was so familiar, was that it reminded me of the Imax films and Planetarium shows I had seen about space at the Science Center of Iowa. Once I came to that realization, I appreciate what was being done with the music and was able to appreciate the beauty it contributed to the show.”
Broadway World, Silent Sky

…”Sound Design by Mark Toebben made these moments even more impactful. It was powerful enough that I heard a kid in the audience tell their parent how scary the ending was.”
Broadway World, The Diary of Anne Frank